Gods Bubble Of Protection

By Tammy

In November of 1995 during a winter white out in the back country of Big Creek, Idaho, my dad lost his life, just three days after turning 62, in a plane crash. 

He and a lady friend and his best friend, who piloted the plane had just taken off  from the Big Creek back country airstrip after closing down my dad's lodge for the winter. They were loaded probably heavier than they should have been but the plane successfully got off the ground and they headed home but as they reached altitude, they also came face to face with a fast moving storm which included white out conditions. 

They made the choice to turn back and land back at Big Creek until the conditions had subsided, but in doing so they hit the side of a mountain in the whiteout and the plane went down. NTSB had determined they were headed back to the airstrip when they crashed.

We received word a day after they were expected home, that they were missing. 

My husband and his good friend immediately took off in his small plane and flew the area around the lodge and different paths they may have taken, looking for signs of them or the plane.

Because the weather was deteriorating fast, and the flight was extremely bumpy, my husband decided being in the air was not condusive to a positive outcome! They decided not to continue to cheat fate and  landed on another back country airstrip to be met by the Valley County Sheriff.

Being in law enforcement, my husband had the knowledge and expertise to join in the search so he was asked to join. He loved my dad and all he wanted was to bring him home!

In the meantime, word had come in to dispatch that a hunter had reported seeing a lot of smoke and flames, more than what an ordinary campfire would emit, so they headed to the coordinates the hunter gave to search by ground!

They hiked the steep mountainous terrain, fearful with every step, for what they might find. Sadly, near the top of the mountain, they stumbled upon a single, broken airplane wing, stuck in a pine tree and they knew that they had found them! They continued their trek and crested the top of the mountain, where they spotted the remainder of the burnt wreckage.  It became apparent right away that there were no survivors! 

They immediately went to work to secure the scene and retrieve the bodies as the weather had taken a turn for the worse. They knew if they did not bring them down at that moment in time, they would have spent the winter on the mountain. My husband was not having any part of leaving them there.

It was quite a trip down the mountain with three body bags and snow on the ground with blizzard conditions.  At times, because of the incline of the steep mountain and snowy conditions, they had no choice but to slide down on top of them. They chuckled through their sadness, remarking that dad would be laughing right along with them! And he would have! My husband and my dad got along wonderfully and my dad loved him like a son!

Fast forward to September of 1997 when my husband kissed me goodbye and headed to work as he had every shift for years, as an officer for Boise City Police.

His shift began as a usual night except his oldest daughter was in the passenger seat.  She was home from college for a brief visit and wanted to ride. Ironically I had already been cleared to ride with him that night but because she had come into town, I agreed that she should go, as I could have other chances. It seemed an ordinary night, them patrolling and catching up on life, until dispatch radioed with a suspicious vehicle call and two suspect individuals that had caused some trouble at a local stripclub earlier in the evening.

My husband in the vicinity, immediately ended up on that call with several other officers. The two individuals would not obey police commands and became extremely agitated and aggressive! They finally came out shooting and a violent shoot out ensued. 

We had two officers shot, one fatally, who died on scene and one wounded. Once the shooting  stopped, the two suspects were determined to also be deceased.

Other units, paramedics, fire all quickly arrived, more chaos ensued, the scene was finally secured, and the investigation followed and I along with several other officers wives, received that dreaded knock on the door in the wee hours to inform us what had gone down and where our husbands were being held. 

I must have thanked God a million times that night for protecting my husband and daughter and bringing him home to me. 

But I was not believing a word the officers were telling me until I could actually hear his voice. I finally was on the phone with him and in shock and disbelief. Our conversation was short but I had heard his voice and my fears were put to rest as much as possible! It was a lot to process! 

Sadly, one wife did not receive that same news. Life would never be the same. It was absolutely heartbreaking!

A couple nights later we met with the Chief of Police and his wife, at the scene, where crosses had been erected by citizens, in remembrance. It was dark and the scene felt eerie and quiet to me. I remember standing with the chief's wife, a few steps away, behind my husband and the Chief, who were talking amongst themselves while standing in the same area that our fallen officer had passed. 

I briefly look away from the chief's wife and over to where they were standing and I clearly saw my dad, dressed in jeans and a polo shirt and draped in what appeared to be a robe! Which was odd for him! But what he was wearing did not matter. What mattered was I saw my dad!  My dad had with his arm around my husband, just all three of them standing side by side with their backs to us, heads bowed, talking quietly. It was like they were encased in their own bubble.

My husband had said that throughout the entire shooting, even though he was very close to the suspects that he felt he was encased in a bubble and that the bubble could not be penetrated by bullets. He remembered thinking it was such a weird sensation. Like he was totally protected from harm! 

I had not been thinking about my dad at all that night. I was totally focused on the shooting and my husband! The only thing on my mind in those moments was my husband and what had transpired that fateful night! I, of course was teary, but as clear as could be, I saw my dad standing there with his arm clearly across my husband's shoulders, as if to be holding him up and wrapping him in love and protection. 

As long as I live I will remember that moment with such clarity that it could not be denied.  It was so real, so genuine and I truly believe I saw God that night! It still sends chills down my spine and puts a lump in my throat! I still get tears in my eyes, thinking of how very real that moment in time was. I did not imagine it,  it was real!

I feel my husband did everything in his power to bring dad home and my dad became his sweet guardian angel and brought my husband home to me and our family that night! I will always

believe there is something more on the other side  and we do have guardian angels! The veil is thin and I believe ❤

Psalm 138:7

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me;
You will stretch out Your hand
Against the wrath of my enemies,
And Your right hand will save me.