Come to the Light

Words and Music By Kevin Sackett

Our pastor was delivering a sermon on John the Baptist. He spoke of how John's primary mission was to be a witness to the Light. During the sermon, the pastor asked a question that I found very intriguing, "If you knew a person that was blind all their life and they never saw anything but darkness, how would you go about describing the light to that person?" He said that you would have to get the person close enough to the light that they could feel the heat so they could understand. This song starts out with the questions he raised on that Sunday, "How do you describe the Light to the blind?"

 How do you describe the light to the blind, When darkness is all they can see?

How can you tell them how great the light shines,

Or the joy that the brightness can bring?

Come near to the light and you will feel,

The radiant warmth you can’t see,

Your eyes once blind will open in wonder,

And free from the darkness you’ll be,


Come to the Light Wherever you are, Come to the warm and bright morning star,

Come to the light, Come to the light

Where there is light no darkness exists, And the light reveals what we do,

The choice to believe is like seeing the light, Oh, now let the light shine on you, Come near to the light so you can feel, With your mind, your body, and soul,

And then you’ll see, His majesty, Oh, the Glory of Christ you’ll behold