All About Jesus

Words and Music By Kevin Sackett

When I lead worship at my church, I was approached one Sunday after service by a dear sister in Christ that wanted to let me know that I should not skip verses when we sing hymns as a congregation. I responded that I sing in the Spirit and if the Spirit moves me to sing a verse or not sing a verse, I move accordingly. She responded with, "You do have control of what you sing and you should sing ALL of the verses!" Well, I went home seething and all I could think was "it's not about what she thinks, it's all about Jesus!" I was so angry and I wanted to write a song that would teach her a lesson! I picked up my guitar, took a big, deep breath and started singing and playing the first verse to this song. I was amazed as I wrote down the words because this song was not teaching her a lesson. It was I that was being taught a lesson and the words to this song turned my eyes to my Creator and I found peace and forgiveness". I learned that it truly is all about Jesus.

 Just like the rain that fills the ocean,

You fill my heart with love and devotion,

I honor You, Oh mighty King,

This is Your song that I will sing,


It's all about Jesus, Jesus,

Wonderful Holy One,

It's all about Jesus, Jesus,

God's precious only Son

Just like the stars, Your beauty surrounds me,

Let me take You in like the air that I breathe,

I honor You, my glorious King,

This is Your song that I will sing,

Oh my soul thirsts for Your living Word,

And my heart seeks only Your truth,

Jesus, Jesus, it's all about You...