• Susie Sackett

Standing On His Tippy Toes...

I have always known about God, but one Sunday I went to a life care center, I was then introduced to a likeness of Him, his name was Jerry. He and his wife Barbara had come once a month to tell people about Jesus, sing songs and comfort those who had been forgotten, I and Kevin were there with my mother in law visiting my father in law. Jerry and Barbara were leading a church service in the cafeteria that day and mom asked us if we would come, and so we did.

We sang songs, you know, the good old songs like, I've Got A Mansion, The Old Rugged Cross, I'll fly away, I love those songs! I noticed the man that was leading would come up on his toes and back down, as to be reaching up each time to get a bit closer to God. As we sang, I continued to watch, when he preached and when he sang, always, up on his toes he went. There was something very special about this man, I liked him. I asked Kevin to introduce himself and ask what church he went to, (I was shy) so he did. I said I want what he has, whatever that is. He talked about a little church called Collister, and how there was a Cowboy preacher there named Corbett Lynn. Kevin introduced me to Jerry and when I looked at him I saw Jesus. Jesus, the Christ, I had never been introduced to Him before, but Jerry showed Christ, though his words, his love, his face and through those tippy toes!

We went to that little church called Collister and there we found Jesus. We learned the simple truth; you can't pay your way, you can't do enough good deeds, you can't try and be perfect, all you need to do is Believe that God sent His Son to die for your sins, He was buried and rose on the 3rd day. He died for YOU and ME! We just need to pray, open our hearts and speak with Him! Tell Him you are sorry for those things you have done. Ask Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life. Ask Him to lead you. Another way of saying this is from the scripture in the bible of John 3:16 .

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son (That is God's part) That who ever believes in Him, (That's our part) Will not perish, but have eternal life (That is Jesus's Part). Funny thing I noticed about this is the (3) parts, like the Trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! (That just came to me after years of believing) God is so good.

Thank you Lord for Jerry and those Tippy Toes!

Love, Susie

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